Friday, January 28, 2011

How Was Your Week?

I Liked Mine.
Took Chicken Salad out to my friend's house (Mary) and had lunch and a visit.  Loved that.  Loved the visit and we planned to do it more and in the spring to start walking.  Hope we do it.  Walking with a friend makes for great fellowship.
Also got a few things from Wal-Mart to add to my "do a project" phase I'm in: Gesso, White Acrylic Paint, Muslin for Quilt Square, Seam Ripper to take apart old formals hanging in the closet.
Morning started good, but became aware of a headache that stayed with me all day.  That's okay.  I was kind to myself and didn't push.  With my new seam ripper I began to take apart some very old bridesmaids dresses which is the beginning of my plan to make a crazy quilt.  I think this was the day Ada broke through her fear issues with the potty.  That was incredible!
Overslept and began with too much rushing (I HATE rushing) but I did ride with two dear ladies to Bible Study Fellowship in Huntsville - gives me great fellowship just riding in the car - good stories and good laughter and honest talk.  Had afternoon time with Luke and Andrew while we waited on baby news.  It's a girl!
Also - Community Groups started back so that was a treat as well - connecting with folks during these cold cold days - warms the soul.
Loved what I got done today - it's that rearranging of closets which emptied out one space to be filled with another and, well, it spells a lot of organzing which was overdue and I am so very pleased.  It also means some tossing out of things and that's always a good thing.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.  In fact, that's where I'm headed now to complete that task.  Love it.  I don't really enjoy cleaning, but I do enjoy organizing.  I wish someone could come clean for me.  I mean, really, really, deep clean.  Love deep cleaning.
Too early to tell, but I've already said I am about to complete that project.

Don't you just hate posts which have no pictures?  But I did do the words in different colors.  That helps a little.  and, it's a short post.

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