Thursday, January 6, 2011

Progress on Projects

I said that I'd organized my thread,

and this is it.  A lot of it was done already,  and I completed that task.

which makes it so much easier to just work on this at night while Charlie and I are watching TV.
and we do watch TV.  
We like to watch all the "who dunnit" shows.
Closer, Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, CSI, and if not those, 
then a rented movie.

I'm working on that row of bricks. 

Andrew's cut out stocking pieces.

and the fusible fleece which makes it so thick...
almost too thick.

The red fabric, below,  is a very soft corduroy I selected for
Ada and John's stockings.  They will have a white cuff and white toe and heel patch.
I plan to embroider their names on the cuff and also add embellishments which will
make Ada's more feminine and John's more masculine.

See the unfolded clothes?  That's what I'm NOT getting accomplished.

Here's another pile of them.
But they're clean.

And the living room turned craft room.
And my faithful laptop? 
That's Tim Keller.
I've been listening to his sermons.
So good!!!!

if you're interested in hearing something really good about worship.


and listen to a link Kate sent me.
another Tim Keller sermon on the Sovereignty of God.

I haven't listened yet - but plan to.

It's something to feed your soul in January.
A lot of truth.  Calorie Free for the Body.
Full of Calories for the Soul.

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