Sunday, January 9, 2011

OK, so this post was supposed to be....

Filled with AU images.

We were supposed to be in Auburn, Charlie and I, at The Gameday Center, having a great evening in Auburn, Alabama  amongst Auburn fans - perhaps seeing a movie before tomorrow's big day.

We would probably have walked all over Auburn tomorrow, bundled up, of course - or even stayed inside mostly, enjoying the relaxation and waiting to watch the game at the new Basketball Arena with lots of other fans who didn't go to Arizona.

But the weather.....

Last night we drove Ann to Birmingham to meet her friend, Laura Helen.  The two of them are now in Las Vegas tonight where they reserved less expensive rooms than the ones in Glendale, Arizona.  They will drive in a rented car tomorrow to see the game.  They got their tickets at face value, through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and so forth and so on.  All of this was Steve's idea - he wanted Ann to be able to do this - nice husband, huh?  He kinda put the trip together, but getting the tickets was the tricky part - they got them -  (Diana, Steve's mom, is here helping Steve with Ellie, Luke, and Andrew - again, something Steve worked out - many husband points for him and MIL points for Diana - yay!)

So - I only have two pictures of what was going to be a continuing posting about the whole Sunday-Tuesday event - It's probably going to switch to Snow Pictures.  I love snow pictures.

Ann right after we got in the car to head for Birmingham:

And here Ann and Laura Helen are at Cucino's where we ate dinner.

Charlie and I moved Ann's luggage to Laura Helen's car and we headed back to Scottsboro.
It was between Ft. Payne and Scottsboro when we got the call from a friend that all the activities in Auburn had been cancelled due to the weather.

I kinda hated to miss this snowfall.  I know it will be beautiful. Now we get to be a part of it in the warmth of our home.

I hope we keep power, to watch the game, I mean.

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