Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Doing Reposts Again

I didn't like the repost idea.

I felt weird all day with that post being up -

and to be fair I looked for my post about Mother, because I was going to repost that.  I have 7 posts with her label, but none are as complete and detailed as the one about Daddy.

Now why is that?  I went into so much detail about Daddy and I certainly loved my mom every bit as much as my Dad.  Mother was the one I probably spent much more time with and had much more conversation with - maybe Mother talked more about Daddy and told me more things about him and his past than Daddy did about Mother.  I don't know.

Anyway - loved loved my parents and my home as a child.  But the reposting idea - I don't want to do that.

Now!  Begin Again and the Title of the Post:
Ann & Steve Are Having a Little Girl!
If you read my post you probably read Ann's also - so you probably already know that she's having a girl.  But I have a picture to show.

Not of her little girl, but of Luke, and his reaction to the news.

I was so surprised!  and this doesn't even reveal just how mad he was at first.
He even snapped at me when I took this picture.
Very emphatically he said, in a very firm voice,

He wanted another brother.
I talked with him about it and he seemed to get calmer.
His face was so cute, his expressions, so I asked if I could please take more pictures.

He told me, 
"Okay, but they're gonna be mad pictures."

I really think his disappointment had more to do with his competition with Ellie.
Luke is very aware of the boy vs. girl issue these days.
So anything to do with boys he's all about.
It seems that he felt he had just lost a contest or a bet or a game or something like that.

Here he is before Andrew's nap,
and being a very good big brother,
sharing his Leapster and showing Andrew how to use it.

He's a very kind big brother and often calls Andrew "Little Buddy" or "Buddy".
He and Ellie are so close in age and Luke really loves Ellie a lot.
He does vie for that spot she has as first born.
It carries with it some superiority which is nearly impossible to usurp.

I told Luke that when I was a little girl I would have loved to have had an older brother like him, looking after me.  Not that I didn't enjoy my older sister (Mary Ann) but in addition it would have been so nice to have brothers, younger and older.  I always imagined that.  I just like a good mix of both genders, as in several siblings.
Fun. Lots of people, lots of laughter, lots of family.

so - it was a fun day learning about our new little girl.
Wonder what she'll be like - her personality - 
I love babies.

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