Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Post for the Day

Before I Go to Bed
It's Snowing.  It is.
It's what they said.  I've never seen the ground covered so quickly.
These photos are with my flash turned off.  Or on Night Portrait.  I have to stand so incredibly still, but I'm shivering, because it's so cold - so the slightest movement blurs the picture.  At 8:30 we had no snowfall.  At 9:30 the ground was covered, as on Christmas morning.  These pix were taken at about 10:30 at the latest....with flash off.

To show you what I mean....this one is flash on.

This one is Night Portrait.

And this one is Flash Off.

And this one is Flash Off..........
But more importantly.........
Our Toomer's Corner Offspring, in the snow.


this tree is a sapling from the trees at Toomer's Corner.

I don't tell that because I fear a rival fan will do damage.


it looks as good in snow as it does in toilet paper.

Doesn't it?

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