Monday, January 10, 2011


That Game!
But we won and we have that title for a year.
and all my life I wouldn't have cared
but it mattered to me this year
as we began to win and win and win

and kept winning.
If I hadn't been married to Charlie Rhodes all these years this would have been a regular Monday night - except for the snow - I wouldn't have known about this crazy game.

I'm still thinking, "Who CARES!!??? and WHY???!!!"  but I do and I guess there are a lot of reasons why.

So - here are the pictures I took at the end of the game.  I think they are beautiful and convey the human spirit 100% - all of our striving and yearning to win and succeed just once - at least once - to be our best and do our best - it's great to see that in anyone's face - the win.

As we were down to the final seconds I had had to go upstairs and finish the game alone, away from Charlie and Scott - I had to concentrate - and once again I was mad with myself for getting so emotionally involved in something which I had no control over.

I told myself that after this night I wouldn't let myself do that next year.

I wonder if I will.

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