Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ada and John

I don't get a chance to post weekly photos of my grandchildren in McDonough, GA (south of Atlanta)

I'm going to link you up with Laura Beth's post.

There's been a potty crisis since Christmas - as in "FEAR" - and today the walls came tumbling down.

Ada's promised reward all along has been a makeup set which she picked out at some place.

With every "you-know-what" success, she was promised an hour of playing with the makeup.

Today she was able to have the makeup set a whole lot!

take a look:


What Laura Beth didn't tell about in her post (I know because she texted or called with every victory, per my encouragement.  I wanted to hear!) is that at the most successful moment on the potty, her almost 1 year old John came WALKING into the bathroom.  He's taken 5 steps that I know of - perhaps a few more here and there - but Laura Beth said that it was as if he wanted to have a momentous event also - to share the glory and applause.  That is vintage human nature, isn't it???  So in walked John, to the bathroom - and the applause went from Ada's success to John's achievement.  All on the floor of a bathroom.  Isn't that the life of a mother????  A classic moment.

Here's John, but not walking.  It's a blog post following his pediatric checkup:


That's all for this post.  So thrilled for LB (who had the same fears when she was 3 and we prayed the same prayers in 1985 that she's been praying in 2010-11)

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