Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Night

And How Did Your Weekend Go?
Well, for me, not as I expected - but I believe it's how my Creator, Savior, Sovereign Lord ordained - and I'm glad.  It feels as if we used up every minute of every part of every day of this weekend - but I couldn't nor wouldn't have made that call.  Which is why it's a great thing that He is ordaining my days, down to the minutes.

end of the day - Sunday - 

I have two precious children sleeping upstairs.  Ellie and Luke.  Charlie and I are on the couch with "the remains of the day" - and all of that is a great thing.

Tomorrow is Monday, the last day of January!!!  Who can believe that???

It's the day Ann is celebrating Andrew's second birthday - which is really on Wednesday, February 2.  

Pictures will be forthcoming, but first on Ann's blog.  I don't want to override her telling of her little boy's second birthday.

Can I just say that Ann's birthday is February 1 - on Tuesday.  My first baby is turning 30.  How did 30 years go by like that and I'm still thrilled about her coming into this world and my having a little baby all my own.... and I would still have 3 more.  Amazing.

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