Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yesterday I said:

There are things I want to do today and will - very intentional - and hopefully never leave the house -
unless it's much later this afternoon.

There are things I hope will happen in 2011 - 
Things I wish could happen but unlikely
Things I wish I'd do
Things I wish I could do, but unlikely.

My Intentional things were

1.  To go upstairs and strip all the beds - that included baby beds.  After I get the sheets washed (it's Tuesday and I haven't washed all of them)  I will probably then wash the blankets and bedspreads.  Lots of folks and lots of colds slept upstairs during Christmas.   I emptied all the trash cans.  And gathered up tidbits of this and that which didn't belong.

2.  To find my pattern for Christmas Stockings and pull out all that is under the table where I keep that stuff.  I wanted to see what other projects were still waiting on me to finish them.

 Top priority is the Christmas stockings.  2 years ago I made Ellie and Luke each a stocking.  I didn't know if the stockings would be something which would stick, or if they would be very cute, and they were both - and now I want to make one for Andrew and the new baby who will be here next Christmas.  I also want to make one for Ada and one for John.

     a.  Kate gave me, last Christmas, two adorable Heather Bailey small sewing projects, patterns and fabric and thread.  One project is for a pin cushion and the other if for a handbag.  I spread all of that out yesterday and cut out the pincushion pattern.

     b.  Several years ago, when I still had four daughters at home, but in the teen years and older child years, I started another Christmas Stocking Project.  I saw it in a magazine and the idea is to make stockings out of Christmas Dish Towels.

At that time I bought 8 dish towels (2 required for each stocking) and cut them out, pinning the right sides together for sewing.  I only completed one of the stockings.  Now I want to finish the other three.  I really like the look, but I don't know how I'll use them.  I know that lots and lots of folks continue to hang stockings for every family member, but I don't do that anymore - so - I don't know.  But I like these a lot and want to finish them.   

      c.  Other unfinished project - this one - well - I don't know - but I can give it a shot.  The first year I was married, 1979 - 80, was the year that cross stitching had a HUGE revival.  Everyone was cross stitching so I did too and it was extremely therapeutic - like reading a good book - I loved it.  I finished a lot of projects except for this one large one.  I did a lot on it and put it away - to complete smaller ones.  Another season when I picked it back up was when Daddy was in the worst stage of alzheimer's and there was some "sitting" with him at the hospital on occasion.  I did a lot then - and put it back up.  I want to finish that - I don't know if I will - but if I do - it would be nice.  I would be very pleased.

The one project I am 100% on for now is making those stockings for Andrew, new baby, Ada, and John.  I look forward to selecting the fabric.  When I do this, the moms are NOT required to use them.  It's for my own enjoyment - I really like Christmas Stockings - all kinds.  

So - that being said - the shocker is that it's 8:22 A.M. and I'm dressed and headed out the door
to Hobby Lobby to get the material.  The biggest challenge for me is getting dressed and ready early in the day.  I usually save it for much later.

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