Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday at Home Again

Bye Bye Birmingham and Ross Bridge Golf Resort

Who lives like that?

I mean, people live there, as in homes - not 2 nights with, well,  State Taxpayers' Money.  Which, even our close friends give us a hard time, if we even have a teensy bit of pleasure through Charlie's office - He goes to meetings, they're scheduled at these "places", I go with him and "BOOM" - jokes - comments - we take it in stride and I wonder - but really - we do very little in that arena.

Back to this post -

Ross Bridge Resort  Check it Out.  Rather nice but, um, "Plastic?"  "Artificial?".  Still, Nice and I enjoyed the time there to myself - Charlie was in meetings all day.

So - go home - Bye Bye Ross Bridge.

We need to buy much more "appropriate" luggage for these places.

and I love the clean folded towels.
I love anything "clean".

and sanitized glasses - or so they say - 
I have little trust for hotels.
I prefer home.

and the freebies - which I used to confiscate -
then I got tired of doing that.

This photo is their mouthwash, but I LOVE the hair products.

However, these are Aveda products, and I DID bring them home - I guess they're to encourage buying the Aveda Products in their Spa.
I was going to - but couldn't tear myself away from the "alone" time in my room.  

and the single cup brewed coffee in my room.
 Love it.

but we travelled I-59 home to Scottsboro.

and by the time we'd reached Rainsville and beyond - well - it's so back to reality.

Birmingham fades into the distance

and our heartstrings are tugged and today it's Saturday in Scottsboro.

Wish I could post the sound of 6 little feet running up my back porch.

That's music.  I wish I had the other 4 feet, from McDonough, running up my back porch.

I wish I could convey all the smiles and kisses and giggles which burst into my kitchen.

Wish I could zap Sarah and Kate here to help me scoop up all these little people.

Wish I could already hug and kiss all the little people whom Sarah and Kate will probably add to the mix.

They were here only to eat their Subway Meals and it was back home.


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