Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, Between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday

I haven't been posting my normal "mindless" posts - which require no thinking. 

It seems that as readers of blogs - we prefer the reading material (posts) which aren't so "heavy duty".

Just daily trivia, pictures, regular stuff - that we can relate to - or at least creative things which inspire - art - tutorials which give us hope that we can be every bit as creative as the one doing the post.  Testimonials regarding what we're dealing with - again - relating - couponing, new babies, parties, pretty stuff, tired days, memories of the past.

Here's the thing - my daily life these days is insanely basic.  It requires not a brilliant mind. 

It does require heart, stamina, endurance, committment - getting out of one's comfort zone....BIG TIME!!

It's the stuff that centuries are made of.  Cultures are built on it. 

Mothers and Grandmothers investing all they have and some more into the daily and evening care of tiny babies and toddlers and preschool age children.  Loving them - investing time and energy and encouragement - building heart and soul into these someday adults.  There's no daycare involved - not a lot of money involved - just time, and patting of baby backs and rocking and shushing and reading small books and saying, "there, there" and "now, then" a whole lot and listening to incessant crying and wiping little bottoms and baths and smiling and laughing at sillies and being silly - it goes on and on.

I'm exhausted.


I'm investing and so is Laura Beth and so is Ann and so is Sarah who lives in this house now.

Laura Beth has been here a bit - the sleepless nights were starting to make her crazy.  So we're doing shift work here at the house.

I mean - we're just passing the baton back and forth - rather, the babies. There's not a whole lot of time for posting on a blog.

I will say this, my computer is probably eaten up with viruses.  It's going nuts and slow as all get out - so - we're looking into a laptop for me.  I just hate losing, once again, so much stuff and it costs a lot to back it up.  Sad.  I paid a bunch to do all of that, get a new clean harddrive and new virus protection recommended by Best Buy.  That was last summer or early fall.  Here I am again in the same predicament.  Oh well - it's just "stuff". 

That's my update and what is happening on my little corner of the world.

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