Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Answer to Ann's Post


major de ja vue (is that spelled correctly?)

I thought, "Where have I seen that?"

Here it is:

But with a smile in 1981

and this is what was on Ann's post

but with a cry in 2010

I remember taking that picture of Ann - because she learned to pull up very early but walked late - and would crawl to me and I'd be anchored by her, unless I picked her up - so I wanted to remember that image of looking down so much and seeing her expecting me to pick her up.  I didn't want to forget that.

and my house was also a mess.

In fact today it needs a lot of attention and I don't have babies holding onto my legs.  I'm just not very motivated.

I don't have pictures for this one, but this morning I talked with Laura Beth who is rather sleepy.  Laura Beth, who really did keep me up, even into her 3's - and now John is testing her limits.

I think Scott is sleepy today, too - which is scary when both parents are losing sleep.  Who is gonna stay sane? 

Well - there we are - history always repeats itself, over and over and over.(because if you'll look to the right, there I am on Mother's hip - but the weather was warm and looks like she was getting out of the house)


joy said...

wow they look SOO much alike! looking forward to seeing your homey home tomorrow

joy said...

oh and when you have time i'd love your thoughts on my last post