Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Third Post for Today

Third Post Today!  So - please scroll down for this to make sense.

This is really a plug for Steve's blog.

He is in Israel!

That's why I have Andrew and Ellie.

See Ann's blog regarding her trip to McDonough to help out Laura Beth who has the new baby, John!

Per my suggestion - with Steve gone for 10 Freakin' Days! to Israel - yeah - Daddy to Ellie, Luke, and Andrew - well - we have to kill some time.  Andrew doesn't sleep well ANYWHERE!!!  So - I thought Ann could go to McDonough with Luke, her child whom God chose to give the most pleasant disposition ever in the history of humankind - kind beyond all kindness - and Ann could help out LB with newborn John - and Luke could play with Ada who also has a bit of a "spirit" about her - but Luke is great with her.(you'll have to see the post below this one to know what this sentence is referring to in terms of "also has a bit of a 'spirit' about her" ) 

Anyway - I have Ellie and Andrew.  I suggested it.  Ann wouldn't have just assumed this.  It's working.  I am 58.  I do get tired with even the easiest of children - but it's working.  And hopefully, LB is benefiting from it.

Okay - so Steve's blog - Steve who is in Israel.  It's really a good blog regarding Israel and all which that involves.  His blog site is

The reader would still have time to scroll down to get to the first entry and then work yourself up - I'll admit that it's a lot of reading, but there are lots of pictures and if you choose to skim over the serious stuff you can catch some of his humor.  The serious stuff is fascinating!!!!!Instriguing!!!!If you take the time. It's worth it.  Start with the first post and you'll probably be hooked.

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