Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moving On

New Day, New Week, Next Things.....

We drove BACK to the Adairsville exit and met Scott, yesterday....

dropping off Laura Beth, Ada and John. 

Wow - how did the years go by so fast?

Mother and Daddy did that so often when I had my first 2. 

They would meet us in Birmingham off Cahaba Valley Road - and Charlie would just shovel us out of the car and crawl back into his car - anticipating sleep for himself - I was anticipating help from Mom. and some "family fellowship".  Once, mother said that when she met us, Charlie and I looked so bedraggled that we appeared as if we were on drugs.  We laughed - she said it in her funny way - and we did look like that.  It was the only time in my adult life that I was losing weight and didn't know how it was happening.  I was eating as a nursing mom but losing weight all the while.  So was Charlie. 

Ann was 18 months when LB was born - so in her first few months, Laura Beth had the worst reflux ever - ahhhh - and back then, well, her weight gain was phenomenal, to say the least - so the pediatrician wasn't concerned about all her crying and all the loss of milk - which came out in projectile style.

Anyway - they're back in Georgia now - and I can only wonder how the night went - really - John is as easy a baby as I've ever met - but I'll say this - the easiest baby isn't that easy.  He's a newborn infant and, well, is 100% needy - of pure 100% nurturing.  It's constant and he's coming fully awake and has discovered the pleasures of being held and his favorite spot is on the boppy in front of his mother's chest, even if he isn't nursing.

I think he likes to know it's right there, he could if he wanted to.  As if he's saying, "No, don't move that glass, I'm not finished with it yet". 

Besides milk that drugs him, well, so does riding in the car.  I suggested to Laura Beth that during the night she send Scott out with John to drive  him around.  So she can sleep.  Poor Scott if Laura Beth actually takes that suggestion and acts on it.  Sorry, Scott if she does.  I gave her the idea.

Anyway - here we are, on Sunday morning.

I get to look forward to hearing Steve teach.  Well, there are distractions at this point - with little grandchildren sitting with me - but I still have the ability to listen through the activity around me.  Of course Ann is right there, but sometimes there are little friends sitting with us, too.

Riverside has a new website and I haven't added it back to this blog.  I had it before, but that was premature, before it was up and running.  So I took it off and haven't put it back.

Great pictures of my world - go to Ann's blog and to Laura Beth's blog and to Sarah's blog (to see my daffodils - I love those photos)

that would be

Heck, might as well go to Kate's also - she put up photos of her years at Auburn - she's about to graduate - I cannot fathom that - we won't have anyone at Auburn.  How can that be?  We've had a daughter at Auburn since the fall of 1999.  Whoa!

that would be

I remember when Ann went through rush and pledged ADPi.  Kate was in the 6th grade and drove down to Auburn with me on the Saturday of Bid Day - Kate and I both remember this day vividly and our conversations.  Kate was at that age when she was on the brink of puberty and so ready to be "all grown up".  All that sorority stuff and college life looked incredibly appealing to her.  She wanted to be there so badly and was really really miffed that she had to go back to Scottsboro to her 6th grade world. I finally had to give her a rather firm speech about "getting it together" and how she had several years before her time to be at Auburn - she was a bit sulky on the ride home.  and here she is, now, about to graduate - and she came to learn that the appearance of all of that dorm life and sorority life - well, it looked more appealing than it actually was.  Isn't that the way?  She and I marvel at that day and how all this time has gone by.

I have to go get ready for church.


Scott said...


Scott said...

The worst part about it, I knew it was mothers-in-law. I have a tendency to type things wrong. I think that is how LB and I ended up together: opposites attract.

But I asked LB before I left that comment if she thought you would see the humor in it and know I was kidding. Think about how weird that would be if I was really upset about it and left an angry comment on your blog......awkward.