Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorry, I'm Struggling with Posts

But I am reading a book that is inspiring that thing in me that loves to look into my earliest memories - and my roots

George MacDonald
Scotland's Beloved Storyteller

He grew up in Huntly, Scotland

A writer, theologian, poet, husband and father of eleven.

It's a tedious book - a biography, yet not in the usual sense - and I've had it for several years - at first finding it not worth the effort - as much as I loved the books by G.M. - this was too much detailed reading - too many facts that required a lot of concentration - with not enough enjoyment - entertainment in reading -

but I suppose I've changed - my interests have changed - and now it's become a book I look forward to - I look to those moments when I can "get back to my book".

I don't think anyone could enjoy it if they were not a fan of G.M., wondering what shaped him - and the details of all of that.

Read his books.

The Baronet's Son
The Shepherd's Castle

The Fisherman's Lady
The Marquis' Secret

Those were my first 4 and I think I have read
The Tutor's First Love

There are more which I haven't read, but in reading his books I wanted to know about him.

Thus - the George MacDonald Biography.

Laura Beth has been here this week with Ada and John.
We are returning them to Scott tomorrow, meeting him at the Adairsville exit on I-75. 

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Adam said...

It amaze me how people can stay married for more than 5 years, What is your secret