Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Trip to the Botanical Gardens, Huntsville, AL

Ann has posted about this trip.  I won't write, I'll just give a few captions.

Ellie and Luke getting a feel for what it's like from a bird's perspective,
in a nest.

Don't really know what the facial expressions are about -
probably thinking it's not that great to be a bird in a nest.

Andrew just taking it all in - hanging out in the stroller.

Moving on to the Giant Flower Pot built around a very large tree.

Climbing Up Another Structure

And back down again.

Moving to the next structure (Tree Houses they call them)

And there it is, in the distance, Ellie knowing this one has a great swing.
She hasn't factored in all the other kids who will already be on this one.

Patiently waiting their turn & this one was a bit daunting,
as children were wanting to move ahead of them,
parents, well,  that's interesting too.

Finally the structure named "The Wizard of Oz"

If you look closely, there's Luke climbing this very steep ladder
and Ann waiting and watching.
Ellie and I watched from a distance. 
Here's what we said, knowing Luke like we do:
Ellie said:  "Near, Luke's climbing that big ladder".
Near said:   "I know, Ellie.  I don't think he's going to like it"

Trust me, that's Luke at the tip top.
You can't see him in this bad photo but he's there.
Ellie and I both said in a sober, amazed voice, "He did it!"

At which point, Ellie jumped up without a word,
but I knew by the way she was walking,
she was determined to climb it, too,  if Luke had done it. 
and she did climb it.
You can see Ann in the right side of the photo
trying to tell Luke where to go to get off of the structure.

Andrew was just so happy to be in the sun and on the grass. 
He loved it and all the people to watch, and grass to pull up,
with Near close by.

And with these 3, Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear,
that's the end of the picture showing of our trip to Botanical Gardens.

(Did I mention how incredibly tired we all 5 were at the end of the day?  It was great to get home.  Charlie grilled steaks when he got home from work.  Andrew napped.  Ellie and Luke enjoyed more outdoor time on my back porch and back yard.  We're all loving these warm days.  Weather forecast has possible snow flurries on Monday or Tuesday. )

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