Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Churches in Evergreen

The Churches in Evergreen
(well, there are others, but these are the main ones that I remember)

This is the Episcopal Church.
I have only been in it once.
I was a Brownie Scout and for some reason we were attending a service here.  What impressed me was that we had to wear our little beanies.  Those brown hats that brownie scouts wear. And we wore our white gloves.  I was 6 or 7.  Even then, I liked ceremony.  I was all about it and the hat and white glove situation.

The Presbyterian Church
I had two friends who were members here, in my grade, I mean.  I knew other people, but two in my class with whom I could compare notes regarding church services, activities.
It was in this church, when I was 16, that I finally understood the gospel - what Christ had done on the Cross. I just had not understood it before - We weren't in the sanctuary, we were in the basement of this church - the youth - and Frank Barker of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham explained it and the light came on - I didn't tell anyone - but waited until I got home and was alone in my bed.  That's when I prayed.  It was a very very clear event - not foggy - not a little moment here, a little moment there - I was one way - and then I was another.
It was a clearcut rebirth.

The Evergreen Baptist Church

I was not a member here, but had lots of friends who were.
It seemed that more of my friends were in this church than were in mine.  I've been to a lot of weddings here, I've been "IN" a wedding here, a lot of revivals here, some VBS here, Community Thanksgiving Services here.  Actually was even in the nursery here.   When Mother and Daddy first married, Daddy was still attending or a member at the Baptist Church.  I have a clear memory of his taking me to the nursery, sitting on the floor playing, but knowing he wasn't leaving me.  I also was aware, that after that experience, he concluded it would be simpler to just go to the Methodist Church with Mother.

And here is my not very good digital image which I got off of Google Images.
The Evergreen First Methodist Church.
It's been on my blog many times.
But I had a better picture of my own - would have to get out a disc to download it.  Don't want to.

This is home to me, besides my own home, and besides my grandmother's house and besides my cousins' homes -
so much time here.

I know that church in our culture now is having to regroup.
I know that is part of history, and God's providential moving of people and hearts, as He sanctifies His Church, honing us, changing the Church body to look like Him. I know that. 
So church buildings are not "looking" like these anymore - not the new ones.  But aren't they pretty?

Anyway - just had these images and wanted to use them
and that concludes most of my Evergreen Images for a while...I think...unless I travel down there and get more "material" for posting.

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that is one of the pictures that I want--the one on your sidebar, of Grandmother holding you. I would love to put that in Ada's room, and then maybe one of you holding me.