Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bricks, a Landing, and Savored Memories.

If you happen upon this post or this blog and have been here before, do you remember in January when I posted about traveling to Evergreen because my old High School building was being demolished?  I posted pictures.  I told about what I brought home.  Some of my best treasures are still at my sister's house in Evergreen waiting for me to bring them to Scottsboro.  But my bricks.  Yesterday was warm and sunny and I began this project using my bricks.

I decided to build a small landing at the bottom of the steps to my art studio, using the bricks from the school, plus one brick I already had from the old demolished Evergreen Court House.  We filled in the spaces with some bricks from Ann and Steve's house which they built on Goosepond Island.  For decorative purposes, and for sentimental reasons, I had one paver from Ann and Steve's house in Albuquerque.  It was from their terrace.  I used it also.
I began the project, thinking I could do it without Charlie's help.
Let the digging begin!

But then I reached a point and I needed Charlie's help.  He enjoyed doing it with me and we were quite pleased with the finished product. 
The sand that we used to fill in the spaces, well, we were waiting on a gentle rain to clean it off.
We got a strong rain today and I will now go in and fill in the spaces some more with sand. It's working out well, and I love my little landing.
It doesn't take much.  Simple pleasures, you can't beat them.

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