Wednesday, March 3, 2010

John's birthday, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States - was February 8. 

The following is what was happening to Riaz Masih in Pakistan on that same day.

A 26-year-old Christian, Riaz Masih, was beaten by his four older brothers last month because he refused to convert to Islam, according to Compass Direct News.

Riaz and his brothers were raised by a Muslim cleric, Moulvi Peer Akram-Ullah, after their Christian parents died. While his brothers all converted to Islam, Riaz remained firm in his Christian faith. His continual refusal to convert to Islam infuriated his brothers and Akram-Ullah.

On Feb. 8, the brothers ransacked Riaz' house in the Punjab Province and beat him unconscious with bamboo clubs after he again refused to convert to Islam. "They said killing an infidel is not a sin; instead it's righteousness in the sight of Allah," Riaz told Compass. "They vented their fury and left me, thinking that I was dead, but God Almighty resuscitated me to impart his good news of life," he said.

Riaz remains in hiding for fear that his brothers and Akram-Ullah will kill him if they find him.

Is everyone aware that there are believers in MANY parts of the world who are suffering severely for their faith in Christ?

It's true.

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