Monday, March 8, 2010

I Know, It's Monday...

This is really the new week and it's just one day of pretty weather - which I'm glad to have - but it makes it even harder to go back to the rain and the cold.  Doesn't it?

It's gorgeous here.  Warm, Mild - the daffodils don't even know they could get bitten - later.  They are so very confident with their yellow heads held high, looking around at the world and at my brownish gray yard - they must wonder about the colors.  If they are so yellow what's with the other plants? - or perhaps they are aware of their role - to inspire us and encourage us.  I think that's it and they have that servant heart - that work spirit - that yieldedness - no matter that the frost will get them - they have shone us color and we know spring is close. Edit:  I KNEW that was spelled wrong, but my mind is definitely slipping and I could not think of the correct spelling!!!  I just got it! they have shown us color.  How could I not know that???

Happy Monday.  Happy week of March 8 - 14, 2010

That's all I've got.

Again, scroll down to find Sarah's Blog address and then scroll down a few posts on her blog to see my daffodils.  You probably have them too.

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