Saturday, March 6, 2010

Speaking of Beginnings

I found this picture on Google Images.

This house is in Repton, Alabama.

Repton is between Evergreen and Monroeville.

On Highway 84, heading West.

This is the house in which Mary Ann was born, Mary Ann being my older sister - and only sibling. 

It was Carter's Hospital and Mary Ann was born in 1949 - January 16th.

What a great picture of the house/hospital!

Other google images I found:

The Evergreen Post Office.

On Rural Street.

Going  West or to the left of the photo,
through the traffic light,
one will pass Mary and John Law's house on the right in the dip of the road, and back up the hill on the right is Williams Street where I grew up.

Basically this Post Office sits on a corner which is one of the few main "intersections" in Evegreen.  Going on the street beside the P.O. one will pass the Evergreen Post Office.
The picture below is an old post card image I found.
It's how the Court House originally looked.
Then it began to look like the image below, which is worse than my childhood memories, but I never remember it as scenic and pastoral as in the above picture.  Those were in the really early days when Evergreen supposedly began as a "resort community", being so close to the coast.
But now the old courthouse has been torn down and a new one has been built - again - demolition won out over restoration.  Oh well.
Again, back to the post office.  We turn left at the light, going beside the Post Office and then
 we pass the Court House on the right, keep going,
and down the hill and back up and turn right onto
McMillan Street where my grandmother's house sat right behind my cousin's house.

Basically, before we all got so busy and so, um, well, dependent on cars, one could pretty much walk all over Evergreen to get from one place to another.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be easier to drive, but - if one is given to a slower pace and doesn't have a car - well - walking works.

I would love to be in a community in which we walked to most of our destinations. 

That doesn't happen in Evergreen, now, I'm just saying I like the concept.

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