Monday, March 22, 2010

House Cleaning Tip

It's Monday and I'm cleaning house - because it's Spring and even though there's sleet and cold and a pinch of snow flurries - it's still SPRING!!!  I have daffodils to prove it and the memory of 2 warm nice, somewhat green, days.

and I have company coming and winter is behind us. 

So - today I was dusting.

By the way...  in my dreams I have a team of women I've hired to clean house.  It would take several to dust.  as in...multiples.  2 on the floors for mopping and vacuuming.  Someone for bathrooms.  2 for the kitchen.  What am I leaving out?  Back to the dust, though.  I have so much of it.  And what is disheartening....I'll have dusted and it begins again the next day.  What is that all about and where does it come from?  Is our skin shedding at a very fast rate???  uh, is it the fabric and carpet in our house??  What is it?  I don't think I want to know.

But - do you pay attention to your lamp shades?  Any surface collects dust.  Lamp Shades definitely do.

This is an idea I had today and I DID IT!!!! and I was really pleased with how it worked so well!

A lint brush.  Do you have one?  With the sticky paper.  Roll it over those lamp shades - you have to peel off several times because there's a lot of dust - but it gets it without knocking all that dust around.

I like it.

I have clean lamp shades.


LB said...

thanks for the tip:) I agree about the dust. I constantly have to dust my fire place hearth, oven door, and coffe table. Maybe because they are black so it just shows up more? I actually dusted those three things today. Looking forward to this weekend.

Ryan said...

Just thought I would add that many sources of dust can be eliminated. I run a house cleaning company in Phoenix, Az and we often find that our customers with alot of dust 1) leave their windows open alot or 2) Don't change their a/c or heater filter often enough resulting in dust build up. If you can find the source of dust it will save you alot of time in the long run.
good luck