Friday, March 12, 2010

Didn't We Have Fun?

In a very impromptu visit with the Baldwins -

Beth and Jamie, I mean -

Beth called on Tuesday to say she'd be in town on Thursday -

but maybe, and only maybe,  would be see each other.

Maybe, if it worked out - she and Jamie had dentist appointments and somewhere in Henegar to be - at a church, following the appts.

She called on Wednesday saying, actually, they'd be here around 11:00 because Joy would be meeting them here, with the boys, for a visit - see .  I quickly apologized for not having food to feed them - she said they would pick up something at Wendy's and I insisted they bring it here. 

The chicken I thawed on Wednesday for Wednesday night dinner, well, I didn't cook it for Wednesday night dinner - and my very messy, unclean house -  Charlie and Sarah helped me pull it together - and I cooked the chicken Thursday morning for chicken pie - texted them not to go to Wendy's - that I would have the pie.
Mixed a quick fruit/yogurt thing and had peas and carrots.  And Sweet Tea - of course.  Oh - and Sister Schubert Rolls - below are images of us all over the house with Brennan and Andrew - Sarah was the photographer and sadly - she failed to get pictures of Knox - Joy's six month old little boy - but you can see him on Joy's blog.

Joy and Beth

The Food

Andrew kept wanting Jamie,
whom he'd never met.
Unusual for Andrew.

Brennan and his Mommy

I think Andrew thought this whole family
reminded him of his own.

Brennan in the playroom with the same toy my grandchildren empty salt shaker. 

Andrew looks like he knows something really good
and Brennan is wanting to know what it is.

Jamie sitting outside the playroom.

Let me explain - When I began to have grandchildren, I turned the walkin closet into a "playroom" of sorts - so one has to go through our bathroom to get to it.
Very unusual situation - to take folks through the bedroom, through the bathroom, to the playroom.

We don't usually have multiple sets of grandparents and grandchildren at our house.  But I had a feeling we might end up back there on that day - so I tidied up a bit.

My grandchildren make a beeline for that walkin closet, when they get to my house - it never occurs to them that it's in an odd location for company.

Interested in seeing some gorgeous photography??? or you know Beth and Jamie and would like to see their home/farm in Tallassee???? or you would like to see where we've stayed overnight many many times when we were in Auburn(30 min. from Baldwins' home) - or would like to see the land that Beth is so sentimentally rooted to????
or just see the talent of Joy's husband, Ben, father to Brennan and Knox...
go here:
I hope that works - Scroll down on that post and you can see at the end of the post how to navigate to day 2 and day 1.
Day 3 is actually Christmas Day inside their home.
Day 2 and Day 1 show more of their land and their farm and their dwellings.  I love looking at these pictures.

That is how we spent a big part of our Thursday.
Naturally, the adults didn't get much visiting time in -
Grandchildren take top billing - always.

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