Friday, February 25, 2011

Mango Kind of Day

The Theme for the Day Was Mangoes
Mary and I went to Huntsville, yesterday, for a "girl" day.
If you don't know who Mary is and want to know,
then go HERE or HERE or HERE
After going by Mr. ATM and the carwash, we headed for Huntsville.
First to Costco so I could finally renew my card.
At Costco Mary found a large jar of this:

and for added interest check out this label and think about how much of it you can eat without guilt

I know, I know, about the chips and how many you shouldn't eat....

Still, if you really like this stuff, one can really load up the chip....and I do.

If Ann is reading this blog - I know she'll think, "Hey!  I found that stuff first."  She did.  She loves it.
I plan to take it to her house this afternoon.  I can only eat so much Peach/Mango Salsa.
(Mary got a jar, so I did, too.  I'm such a copycat - so easily influenced)
Anyway, I'll share mine with Ann
It's not Charlie's cup of tea.....or.... flavor  of salsa.

After Costco it was lunch at Cantina Laredo.

Love that place!!!!

I could eat two bowls of that Guacamole which they make.
They prepare it right at the table for you!

from fresh Avocados. 

But while we waited we ate their salsa and chips

Mary and I split a bowl of Guacamole and their Mango Chicken Salad.
It's new on the menu and I copied and pasted it right here for you.
It's as delicious as it reads.

NEW MANGO CHICKEN SALAD Chicken and mango with jicama, seasoned pumpkin seeds, grapes, mint and queso fresco with a honey vinaigrette 11.99

Those mangoes were big and juicy and generous.

Very good.

Then Mary and I visited the Apple Store.

My little  MacBook needed some attention.  Got that taken care of and walked up and down Bridge Street and enjoyed the mild temps and then Mary spotted a yoghurt place there.

I'd never been - she wanted some, so I did too!

Who's been there?  You serve yourself.  It's priced by the weight.  We selected nonfat Mango frozen Yogurt.  Good grief that was good.  We couldn't get over how delicious it was.

They have very large bowls.  I didn't put much in mine at all - and even asked the nice young man behind the counter if there was a minimum purchase - because I had gotten such a little bit.
There wasn't and I didn't pick any toppings.
Still, mine was $1.92!  Mary got just a pinch more, just a pinch and hers was $2. something.
If you go there, go easy.  It's expensive.

Again the Mango theme and we did NOT plan all of that.  

Who knew we would have such a Mango day.

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