Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brothers Melt My Heart

Ann and Luke had returned to my house after taking Ellie to ballet.
Ann would return to pick her up at 4:30.

Andrew woke from his nap.  See?

and in the course of moving about the living room and sitting in my lap, Andrew saw that Luke had settled on the couch - and he scrambled to sit by him, saying, "Buke....Buke....." as he worked his way onto the couch next to him.

but soon Luke hopped down, challenging Andrew to a game of rolling these rings on the carpet as in a race and seeing which one could win.  Andrew was all about it, although he was not really an able participant.

Oh, and speaking of races - has anyone seen the current Happy Meal toys at McDonald's?
They're making the girls and the boys happy.  Pink Ponies for the girls and these monster trucks for the boys.  And Andrew now gets his own Happy Meal.  He's no longer excluded due to his being "a baby". He knows about Happy Meals and their toys.

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