Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to the Present and Future

I Need to Interrupt the Young Mom Series
I was onto......
I don't like to stay in the past for very long - I miss what's going on now - as in Valentine's Day is approaching and it's hard to resist.  All the hearts and the red and the pink.


I plan to make a few things.

This Card(s) but with my own choice of paper and a few embellishments.

or go straight HERE for recipe without pretty pictures.

And I got those baking white cups for something. They're larger than the medium cupcake liners and they have body - as in stiff.

I just want to be very in the Valentines Mood? Tradition? Spirit?

But purchasing that red food coloring, well, I had qualms about it.
So MANY children have allergies to food dyes and I just wish we didn't have to use it.
But I bought it.  I guess I'll use it.
I stood in Wal-Mart and tried to think of a very red fruit which would color whatever I make.
Pomegranates and Cranberries are all I could think of.  Beets are really more purple and have a distinct Beet flavor.  I love beets, but not in Cookies or Cupcakes.

and these red bags.

I have a very very vague and far away memory - it must have been before I was 3.
I think we still lived in our first house.
My grandmother (Ella) made for me, and Mary Ann (sister), and Suzanne (cousin)
a little valentine's dress out of red and white crepe paper - just for the moment and the fun of it.
If I was 2 1/2, then Mary Ann was 5 and Suzanne was 7 1/2.

Mary Ann?  Have we talked about this?  Do you remember it?
Comment please.
I remember loving it and being so glad to be included and how fun it was.
I remember knowing that my cousin, Rachel, was too young.  She would have been an infant or not born at all.  

I just might email my cousin, Suzanne, and ask her if she remembers it.

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Mary Ann said...

I know you are right about Ella making the crepe paper dresses for us. I vaguely remember them. What I do remember is that, when we were the ages you listed, Ella had a Valentine's lunch or snack for you, me, Suzanne, Rusty, and Scott at her house, and it was the house Florence later lived in. Therefore, you, Mother, Daddy, and I were living in the first house. So, while you remember the crepe dresses (and I don't know how that is humanly possible if you were only 2, but I believe that you do remember it), I more remember the gathering. We sat around that table in her dining room. I don't even remember you sitting at the table, and you may not have since you were so young, but still Ella apparently made you a dress.

I also remember Jerry Snowden making crepe paper dresses for us when we lived on Williams Avenue.