Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Is What I Deal With......

With Myself.
Here is my kitchen where I PREFER to do projects - all kinds.

But I Have What I Refer to as My Art Studio
(far from my kitchen, but isn't it cute?  Wouldn't one think that it would be a delight to go out there and work?)

I also like to work on my dining room table.

Which is where I was working today - but it required several trips to the art studio to get what I needed, so I said to myself, "Just go out to the Art Studio and work - instead of staying inside your house!"
So I did.

But I left this project in "the main house".
I call it my monogram project, I guess.

So - outside and to the art studio

And inside

Now why wouldn't I want to spend a LOT of time in this place which I think looks very very cozy and creative.
and these guys below wait patiently day after day for me to do even just one really cool drawing of them in a group.  I placed them there just for that reason, and they wait for me.
Surely they get up and walk about while I'm gone.

They are:
Rabbit, Raggedy Ann, Giraffe and Benjamin Bunny

But here is what I was working on today.

Valentine's cards for the grandchildren.
I need to mail Ada's and John's tomorrow so they'll get to McDonough by Monday.

Biggest part of the day on 5 cards.

And the children will hardly know the difference between those and a bought one
and they'll be more interested in a Disney Princess Card and a Spider Man Card.

I think I just did them because I wanted to
and in the end didn't love the final results.

Oh well.  I did get it "out of my system" and the children will have a card from me.

So, back inside.

and to my friend,
Apple (Mac) Computer.


Laura Forman said...

I love the cards! I must admit there was a bit of envy at how you made such beautiful cards! You should do a little tutorial on something fun and crafty so we can learn from you! :)

Rose said...

i think it's great that you make your own cards. much more special. take care rose