Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where My Thoughts Are

Just read Laura Beth's blog to know where my thoughts are.

The approaching birth of a baby is so exciting and noone ever knows how the whole thing is going to "go down". Especially with someone who actually "goes into labor". My body didn't do that - and poor Ann has inherited the same hormone or gene or whatever - Anyway - Laura Beth not only goes into labor, but does it in a different sort of way - I guess everyone does it differently - a little bit - and Laura Beth cranks it up early.

In the meantime I'm working on some artwork for John's room - a little late in the game for that - but - he won't know the difference if it isn't finished before he's born.

I've learned from Sarah how to make panels and yesterday I bought paint at Home Depot. It's all fun and stimulating - Sarah continues to recover - surely today she'll be better unless this things goes into something secondary - like a sinus infection - which she has a tendency to do that -

I get my hair cut today in Huntsville - I'm going to tell him to cut an extra amount off as I am about to help my daughter with her new baby - not much time for any length of hair.

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