Sunday, January 31, 2010


Laura Beth called during the 4:00ish part of the afternoon...

she did sound different and more - well - out of breath with the contractions. I want to say that "doulas" type them out as ctx. It took me forever to figure that one out. I was googling something.

Let me say that I used to be the queen of natural and organic(still am if it's available - hate synthetic or whatever is opposite of organic) but with the birth thing. 29 years ago - natural all the way - I was natural when natural wasn't cool. Really!!!! Ask my family - but doulas and midwives - well - they have their place when things are going by the book - I guess - I hate to make such bold statements - I'm just all for, now, nurses, doctors, epidurals - I've been through 8 birth experiences - with all of the aforementioned - well - not a doula - but, I hear their statements. I know they have their place - but I want to say that a good nurse makes the BEST doula and midwife. Really!!!!! And we've had some great nurses, 2 of which saved Ann's life, literally - I mean it...literally!. Well - when she was being born - a midwife almost ended hers and Ellie's. Well - maybe that's a bit dramatic - but it felt like it could happen.

Back to LB - it felt like this was the night she would go to the hospital - I could tell by her shortness of breath - but later it calmed down - she sounded like a lady who isn't in labor at all. Crazy Prodromal Labor. Still - we've sent Kate to McDonough from Auburn - Kate doesn't have classes tomorrow at all. We'll see what we do tomorrow. Who knows.

anyway - what was a rather controlled Sunday - well, not that controlled - but still - it all turned a bit topsy turvy - and I'm at home, not at the first missions thing we're having at church - Charlie's there. I have Andrew - Ann calls a lot getting updates. We'll see what happens.

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