Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Week

I have just a few more pictures .... but really, I think anyone reading this has forgotten about my trip to Evergreen. However....

The Home Ec Bldg
The way these desks are placed on this down ramp,
It looks as if they are being led out or driven out or asked out.
No longer needed in this building.

And what I thought was a beautiful interior
to a closet in the Home Ec/Ag Bldg.

Below - the steps toward the Jr High Hall - in and out these doors I went when the bell rang for, I don't know what we called it - recess? No - that was at the City School. It was the morning break and my friends and I scrambled down these steps to the concession stand - IF - I had gotten money that morning from Mother or Daddy. I LOVED the taste of cheese crackers(with p'nut butter) and a small carton of "orange ade". Got it everytime.
Just inside the door to the Jr High Hall.
Last week - this is where I found my door - not the one you see in the picture - but "my door" was laying on the floor.
It was meant to be.
I think someone just left it there for me.
You think?
Anyway - this door you see opened? It's the one where I had 7th grade homeroom and Social Studies with Mrs. Estelle Lewis - 5th period - it's the door I walked through and immediately heard the shock and confusing sentences - something about the President had been shot. The day was crazy after that. I don't remember anything after the beginning of that class and then when the bell rung we had Band 6th period - and Daddy cancelled Band practice for that day.

this is just what I think is a nice window and is above the door in the above picture - Bert said, as we both looked up at the window, "Wouldn't you love to have that window?"
and just inside that door you saw,
this bulletin board between the two doors to the locker room.
Every classroom, it seems, especially in the City School, was built that way - with a locker room at one end of the classroom.

and these are the windows outside that same classroom I keep talking about.

And you see here, the stadium lights -
our stadium behind the school.
The football field sits way below the school foundation level.
That, they tell me, is still the football field for Hillcrest High School - the new consolidated school in Evergreen.
And they need more parking - hence, our old building is being demolished.
They are paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.

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Kate Rhodes said...

mom, i love these pictures. there is just something about chipped paint and these color combinations... whites and greens. i am so excited about your door.