Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Completes My Holiday Posting

....or how I spent Thursday Evening and Friday Morning, celebrating the arrival of 2010

Ellie, Luke and Andrew spent the afternoon and evening with us. Ellie and Luke took a great nap - so - they woke up saying, "I can stay up tonight!" They both said that as soon as they knew they'd had their nap.

It was so cold and Charlie built a fire.

Andrew was in awe of it.

Trying so hard to reach it.

Still amazed.
Andrew slept really good all night. He went down at 6:30, and with some cuddling and swaying and soothing in Charlie's arms, he actually fell asleep by 7:00.

He woke at 5:30 - too early for Andrew - but he and I did get up then - while the others slept.

By 7:30 he was too sleepy to stay up and I put him back down - but soon Ellie was up.
and immediately started into her artwork.
That girl is addicted to either making art or making dresses.

I had to photograph her concentration.

My coffee, her coffee.

Ellie's favorite breakfast at my house.

And sweet Luke was up at 8:30

Our BlackEye Peas for New Year's Day.

Gotta have those with some kind of ham or pork,
on the first day of the year....for good luck!
No problem for me...I LOVE BlackEye Peas!Ann picked her 3 sweeties up yesterday morning,
and then....
that evening I went out to their house
and we watched the movie,
"UP", a PIXAR Film

They had seen it, but I had not.
I loved it.
So creative and the voices and the animation.
I looked it up - Ed Asner is the voice of Carl Fredericksen.
Carl's character is based mostly on Spencer Tracy.
The lines in it are great and the story.
It's a good story.

That's all for the holidays.
Aren't we all trying to get back to a somewhat normal routine?
Our family is heading into birthday season.
I remember those days when the children were little - I'd no sooner have settled down after so much holiday eating before all the birthday cake and ice cream would begin in January and February. I love it. Well - here we go and now Andrew and Baby John's birthdays will add to the whole mix.

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