Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to Post

I have to say that I wish Blogs weren't called Blogs. It's just not a very attractive word, to me. I like post better than blog - so I prefer to say I'm posting on my blog, instead of blogging. Making blog a verb - I don't care for that. Random thoughts and opinions.

It looks like John Moore has given us a little more time to finish the things we all need to finish before he's born into this world.

I'm working on that today and am organizing my art studio, since I painted it in October, so that I can move out there and work without disturbing the house so much.

Monday is Ann's birthday. She'll be 29 - the age I was when I had her. This is the weekend that I went crazy 29 years ago. I went to the doctor on the Friday before Sunday - nothing was going on in my body and her due date had been January 16. These days people get induced - but not then - just waiting around. Anyway - I remember hitting a brick wall(not literally) on that Friday night, a mental and emotional brick wall, and determined that on Saturday I would walk until I went into labor. I did walk but not until I went into labor - it was until I had to go in to the bathroom - I did that, lay down to take a nap and felt the first twitches of labor. That's all they were, twitches. But anyway - 29 years have sped by like a rocket and here we are and I'm waiting on John Moore to be delivered into this world. Crazy stuff. It all goes by in a blink. It really does.

I am also reading a book by Frederick Douglass - My Bondage and My Freedom. It is unbelievable and he was so brilliant and such a Christian - knowing God's word so well -

Not a good post - but I have to keep it moving - this "blog"...if I'm going to maintain it.

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