Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Recap of 2009

Andrew joined the family on February 2. Here he arrives home on February 4.

First Day at Home.

Next thing on the calendar.
My youngest turned 21.
That's it. How did my baby get to be 21?
I am always asking the question which covers all of that -

How did I get to this place?

Enough of that.

In March Mary Ann and I had so much fun

hosting a luncheon at her house in Evergreen for my cousin's daughter who would be getting married in April.

Which is ironic because I am on the exact same schedule this year with new baby and planning a bridal thing. Because...the Brattons are putting together a wedding for Beth and we're having a tea/brunch for her in March - same schedule as last in Feb & party in March.

And, so there was the wedding in April of my cousin's daughter, Mary Hamilton.

Below, her mom and the bride.

And the weekend prior to that we had

a family wedding in Florida. So - lots of wedding around Easter.

Meanwhile, the Irises were beginning to bloom.

Laura Beth found out in June that she would be expecting her second little bambino in February. A repeat of Ann's schedule with Andrew. Exactly.

And as Laura Beth posted on her blog she kept us all abreast of her growing little "bump". Above she's in the early stage.

Ahhhhh - and those warm green sunny days.

Can you feel the heat coming off of this photo.

I can, as I sit here at my computer on January 1, 2010.

I love the glow.

Both Sarah and Kate spent their summer of 2009 living at home, per mine and Charlie's request.

They were brave and honored that request

and we all not only survived it,

but I think it was a blessing.

And below I'm letting Luke represent all of us who had the opportunity to get to the beach to enjoy the sand and sun and salty air and water.

Charlie, Sarah, Kate and I went in July.

The Barbers went in September.

Laura Beth and Scott - let's see - they went for their anniversary before any of us - back in May.

Sarah and Kate returned to Auburn in August.

Ann hosted a very very small family thing for Laura Beth, in October, celebrating John's birth, due in February.

Leaves were in full color by end of October

We had bit of fun at Halloween - only below Ada isn't enjoying having her hair put into Raggedy Ann Pigtails.

First Weekend in November Ann and I had a yard sale.

Sarah passed her final reviews as a Senior in Fine Arts.

Kate was staying afloat in the midst of much stress that just goes with being a student and involved in stuff. It was all coming to a screeching conclusion wrapped up in Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving at the kids' table.

Moving Sarah Out.

We all failed to take pictures of her and her peers at her Final Show in Auburn on December 1, 2009. Charlie and I drove down for that. What were we thinking, not to take pictures?

Moving Day Below.

And then came Christmas.

Now - here we are with a New Year.
May we live walking in HIM - Don't understand what that means? Ask me, anyone whom you think may know - It's to be fully surrendered to Jesus Christ - Savior of the World.

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