Friday, January 15, 2010

New Babies and Year Old Babies

SNOW COOL has another cold, and it's been a bit of a day with him. Babies are being born all over the world, in Thailand, in North Carolina, and we're expecting grandchild number 5 to be born in Atlanta, GA.

I have been following the birth of Lottie Messersmith on my daughter's facebook spot - and I did follow the birth of Jack Forman on my daughter's facebook spot. He is in Thailand/China. It's all incredibly exciting to imagine the emotions and situations of everyone. There is nothing clean and neat about any baby coming into the world. Not even the easiest of births. But it is all incredibly exciting and lifechanging.

Andrew has had a bit of a rough day, with his cold - but he's doing pretty good at present. I talked his Dad into letting him spend the night here tonight - I can rock him all during those"stuffy" moments during the night.

Anyway - anyone who reads this - congrats to new babies - gotta love it and also it's not that simple - but still.....

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Laura Forman said...

Why thank you dear friend for highlighting our little Jack on your blog :) I felt so special!! We are all doing well here in sunny Thailand heading back to China tomorrow!! Would love to have your prayers as we have a very long day tomorrow with a toddler and a newborn! And we are heading into freezing temps...3 degrees yesterday, yikes!! Will update my blog when I return home! Love you guys!!!