Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Newborn Sarah.

Laura Beth and Ann peering through the window
at their new little sister.
We'd talked about her for so long
and she was finally here.

Seeing her up close

and getting to touch

that sweet soft skin.

Ann's 5th Birthday Party the following Saturday
after Sarah was born.
At Pizza Hut.

Please have kind thoughts
and don't be too hard on me.
I'd just had a baby and we're on our way
to Ann's birthday party.
I know, ... the hair.
I'm sorry.
Check out my first born, Ann, posing the correct way,
but wait - what is Laura Beth doing?
so very Laura Beth in those days.

My three girls and halfway to Sarah's 1st Birthday

And she turned one year.
Just think, a year later I would be about to have Kate.
The menu, our favorite in those days,
Chicken Pie, Carrots, Peas, Fruit Salad

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the Camera!

I looked for current pictures of Sarah today - I've lost a really good one on my Picasa. I don't know what I did - but there aren't many - Sarah is always taking the pictures, just like I am.
I am bummed that I lost those good ones taken on Christmas Eve.
Here she is taking pictures

Still taking pictures over in the right corner.

and it's the family - only older and more of us.

And loving her coffee.

Sarah just got her official diploma in the mail.
(from Auburn University, she didn't walk through the ceremony)
She graduated Magna Cum Laude.
With a degree in Fine Arts.
She's at home, doing art (rather preparing surfaces to "do art"), and sniffing out job possibilities to support herself so that she can live on her own while she produces her art after work hours. We're praying about it all - knowing God has a plan.
She has a great work ethic - anyone would be fortunate to have her. Incredibly pleasant nature and honest, with bucket loads of integrity. General Office Work is what she's looking into - possibly, also, something at Barnes and Noble - or Starbucks - just because they have a good work program or benefits - but she'd prefer office work - Her other love is books and at one time considered getting her master's in Library Science to work in an Art Museum, possibly.
So - that's my spill for Sarah regarding a job.
One never knows who reads this.
But I'm enjoying her living here right now - my house, backporch and pretty soon, the garage, is becoming one huge Art Studio - Arena - whatever. There's sanding, there's gesso-ing, there's hammering, there's photographing - and checking that computer - but I'm right in there with her. I copy what she does - like I'm her shadow.
Oh, and she sells stuff on Etsy.
If you want to see it - her blog is
and you can look at her stuff, to the left of that blogsite.
Happy Birthday.
Oh - tonight - Sarah, Ann and I are going to a movie at the Monaco. I think we're going to see "It's Complicated". They haven't seen it, I have - but I like seeing good movies again, with folks who haven't yet seen them. Steve is keeping the babies.
It'll be my treat for all, since Ann's birthday is a week away.

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joy said...

I love this Mrs. Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing this stage of life with us hopefuls~