Monday, January 25, 2010

Didn't Go Like We Planned

These pix were taken on Saturday Night.
Ann had made her birthday cake and Ellie and Luke were pretty excited about the whole event.
and BOOM!
Sarah and Luke were both sick on Sunday. Flu-ish stuff. More than a cold - less than the flu -
but sick.

So much for the movie with Sarah on her birthday -

except that.... Ann was pretty fired up about the outing.

She already had Steve lined up to keep the kids

She and I did the whole thing anyway -

but it turned it into a dinner at P.F. Chang's, instead.

Not a movie.

Today I ran into all the Barbers at Wal-Mart
and Luke just couldn't handle not going home with me.
He would sob at the thought of it, saying, "But Near, I'll miss you".
So Luke came home with me.

That's Sarah's leg and foot under the blanket, and under Luke's leg.
She's still pretty sick.
I didn't dare post pictures of her.
Below are what stays all around her,
in the bed or on the couch.

That's all for this Monday.

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