Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moving on to Snow and Ice

It's a sure sign of aging when one no longer gets bad cabin fever.

We moved to Scottsboro in 1980. For years we could count on at least one "snowed in" experience during the winter..or iced in... At some point it stopped and we haven't had too many of those - not consistently - but we did this year, this week.

I used to get cabin fever really bad. The worst case I had was the year, 1988. I was very pregnant with Kate. Ann was 7, Laura Beth was 5 1/2 and Sarah was 2. We had had snow and then severe freezing. Days of being snowed and iced in and so cold. Charlie was driving a Bronco at the time and able, if necessary, to get out on the roads - but it was still risky. I remember calling my friend, Corny Rose and saying, "Bad news, we're all coming over!" I couldn't stand it any longer - I was going nuts. The last thing she needed was my showing up with the 3 little munchkins and my pregnant self - but we were close enough friends that I could infringe on her and she would still love me and even be nice to me while we were there. Charlie drove us over and left us there for a while. I am curious to know how long it would take me, now, to have to break out of the house.

I don't mind being stuck, in fact, I like it. There's so many personal projects and tasks I can do in my home - I need never leave it. But - there's the case of food - have to get it - but I even like making do with what I have - we wouldn't starve - it might not continue to be very exciting - but there's food. Or - like now - I'm out of computer paper and am about out of cardstock - my mainstay for projects and printing out stuff. Also - it's getting close to time to get more of my favorite photo paper from Office Pro or whatever it's called.

The Barbers, on the other hand, were suffering terribly from cabin fever yesterday - they reminded me of myself in 1988 when I could take it no longer. They did come into town yesterday afternoon and all spent the night here. It was an interesting night with Andrew - he was not loving the change of beds and created quite a disturbance in the night.

So - here we are with a little snow still on the ground - it definitely hasn't been a fast melt - but we didn't get so much either - if we're gonna go to the trouble to have snow - well, I prefer that it be really thick.


Mary Ann said...

pretty pictures. very nice.

Kate Rhodes said...

i'm sad i missed the snow... a little bit.

i love the music!