Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I brought home...

A Door

One Desk
Individual bricks and some still mortared together

Drawers from a wall piece inseparable from the wall...
well - it could be detached but I had not the means
These are drawers to file index cards
I'm thinking recipe file

A drawer with sections. If I don't have a table built for this drawer, which I would do if I could, I'll hang it upright on the wall

I would have taken these if I had had a way

This desk I especially wanted
I'd like to think it was meant for someone else
Don't think I didn't pray in advance regarding this whole venture....I had to, to get it in perspective...even just making the trip - was it an impulse on my part that was foolish, or a natural response to the way God wired me and would it be best to leave it alone or pursue it? I went and I was definitely blessed with some "stuff". I really only hoped for pictures and when I saw the building at first I questioned if they were worth shooting.
Anyway - the desk I would have taken if I could...

This wall piece is what held the drawers I took.
Isn't it beautiful? How I would have loved to have driven off with this in my possession.

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