Friday, December 3, 2010

Here I Am, in South Alabama, Again

Remember this post back in November when Sarah, my 3rd daughter, was in Evergreen showing her art at a local bank?  So many ladies and men were very gracious to her and supportive of her work.  Many commissioned her to do work for them.  Go to her post here to see one of her paintings she's working on.  I love it.  Sarah met a lot of men and women whom I've known for a very long time.

My sister, Mary Ann, recently was in a conversation with some of these same ladies regarding a recipe of Mother's.  It is for Christmas Bread.  Mother found the recipe in 1965 in a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  She made it for the first time that year and made it every Christmas after that - until I began making it when I was married and living on my own.  She retired from making it sometime after that I suppose.  She used to make it and give it away as gifts to friends.  It's a delicious bread and it was a part of our Christmas morning breakfast from 1965 to 2005.  2006 was the first year I didn't make it.  I was just too tired that year and too distracted and kept putting it off and it didn't get made.  Ironically, and I didn't intend this, it was the first Christmas Mother wasn't with us.  She had died in April of 2006.

So - as a thank you to many of these dear ladies who are so much a part of my past and who were so kind to my Sarah - I have come down here to make this bread - today - and tomorrow Mary Ann and I are having them over for Coffee, Bread, Brown Sugar Crusted Bacon (delicious recipe), and a little "Old Fashioned Fruitcake".  I love fruitcake and this that I make - well, Mother once told me it tasted like the kind her grandmother used to make.  My cousin Susan told me it tasted like the kind her grandmother used to make.  I took those as the best compliments, as if I had been awarded a special recognition of some sort.

What I've been doing all day.  I made the recipe 3 times.
One recipe makes two wreaths or four loaves.

I made 2 wreaths and 8 loaves.  After the coffee they each get to 
go home with some Christmas Bread.

Mary Ann and I had to run out this evening for a few more items 
at their grocery store, Food Giant.
When we returned her house smelled like a bakery.

Mary Ann's Kitchen where I've been most of the day.

I have four more loaves in the oven, 
then I'll decorate them
and I'll be done.

Now we can have the party tomorrow.

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LB said...

Recipe, please!! I know that you want to walk through it with me, but I could at least give it a shot.