Monday, December 20, 2010

And then there was Friday....

Yesterday's post was about what happened on Thursday.

Ellie ended up spending Thursday night with me.

She and Luke had their checkup and overdue shots scheduled for Friday at 10:30.  Ellie really really wanted me to be there at the checkup and the "shot event" because I'm always at the pediatrician's office with them.  She had a point.  I really usually am - but didn't plan to be this time.

I had my one day of Huntsville  Christmas shopping rescheduled for Friday.  It was originally planned for Wednesday, but we had had our winter freeze on Friday.

Charlie and the Toyota dealership had me planned to come down on Friday and pick out the right color Camry which Charlie and I had decided to purchase for my next new car, since my 1995 Corolla had quit.

As I was getting ready, putting on my makeup, for whatever I would actually be doing on Friday, Sarah called from New Orleans - confused about the pain which was accompanying what she had thought was a bladder infection.  I continued to insist she either go to Urgent Care or find a doctor.  She had her own things that absolutely had to be done on Friday.  Is there ever a good time to be sick??? NO!

Ann and Steve, with Luke and Andrew in the van, came and picked up Ellie.  I told them I'd meet them at the pediatrician.

Charlie and I talked and agreed we'd pick out the color that afternoon.

Ann called back and said she thought Ellie was fine and calm enough for me not to meet them at the doctor's office.

Kate, who had just arrived at home on Thursday afternoon, was just getting up and decided she did want to go with me to Huntsville.  She probably showered and got ready in 10 minutes.  15, max.  Meantime, I hear from Sarah whose pain has increased to Kidney Stone level.  She, and I agreed, thought she probably had Kidney Stones.  She had driven to Urgent Care only to find out they didn't open until 11:00. End of that story?  She couldn't get in touch with whatever friends she had who weren't at work.  She drove herself to the emergency room, after "throwing up" at a red light - opening the door and heaving - soiling the pavement and maybe a little of her car and clothing....while in extreme pain.

I then talked with Ann and yes, Ellie was expecting "Near" (that's me) who had promised to meet her there.  I had.  I had promised her.

Kate and I drove straight to Dr. Powell's office (pediatrician to my 4 girls and now to Ellie, Luke, and Andrew - he even saw John during Thanksgiving holidays - John with all the Pink Eye) I left Kate in the waiting room - and went back to the very small room where I round very tall Steve, Ann, Mike Powell, Ellie and Luke, who were both on the exam table sitting up,  and Andrew in Ann's arms.  It was a tight squeeze to add one more person.  Mike was looking into Luke's eyes and swung around on his swivel chair when I came in.  We were all amused at the idea of adding one more adult body to the mix - (Mike is an old friend - so I was able to do this sort of thing.)

All the while I'm wondering about Sarah who I knew was at the ER in New Orleans with Kidney Stones, looking for relief.  I was also on the phone a lot with Charlie who also wanted reports on Sarah.

Ellie didn't get shots.  She'll get them next visit.  Luke got two shots and did GREAT! Amazing.  We all then went to Chik Fil A and had lunch.  Funny and the usual fast food experience with lots of Christmas Shoppers and lots of moms and kids.

We parted company - with the Barbers - and Kate and I headed off into the Huntsville world to get what we needed to get.  Got a text from Sarah.  She was  being seen by a doctor and tested for whatever.  By the way, her throwing up at that red light had greatly relieved her nausea and her unbearable pain.

End of the day.  Sarah spent ALL OF FRIDAY in the emergency room.  After much waiting mixed with 2 urine specimens and a Cat Scan - she was told she had one stone trying to pass, one still in her kidney, and no bladder infection - but still had the sensation of a bladder infection.  She was sent home with pain medication and a "good luck".

End of our day -  Kate, who had been tremendous help with my thinking through everything, and I came home and were greatly relieved that Charlie said we'd wait until Saturday morning to "pick out the car".


Sarah called very early - she'd been wakened at 5:45 by the kidney stone trying to get through.  It was all harrowing and the phone calls intensified and Charlie knew she couldn't drive home and he made the decision to go get her.   We were stone faced,  driving to pick out the "dang" car - no conversation - if you could have heard Sarah's voice in distress - as she heaved and agonized with the crazy stone -  the kindest things were, her roommate driving her back to the hospital - and delaying her trip home for Christmas by a day.  Also - that God already knew about this dilemma, therefore,  her roommate  knew of a Urologist in their church who is also in her roommate's community group.  They were able to call his cell and talk directly with him.  It was Saturday and  Sarah wasn't an official patient of his, but he did say she absolutely had to go back to the hospital since she couldn't keep liquids down.

That was incredible relief, knowing she was going back to the hospital.   Laura, her roommate, drove her.

End of the day, once again, Sarah got relief with nausea and pain medication with shots - they kept her for a couple of hours - did another test for any possible infection - still not there - sent her home with nausea and pain medication this time -  Sarah felt good enough for the two of them to get as far as Evergreen where my sister lives.  We had wondered if they would even be home as early as Monday.

Sarah and Charlie came home today.

She has spent the entire day without pain medication so instinctively wonder if the one stone has passed.    All other bladder sensations are also gone - hence - we have hope that the one stone is passed.  Don't know when the other one will decide to travel.

Back to Christmas.

Meanwhile - Children did an adorable Christmas program today at church.

After this long post I'll give just a few pictures of the performance.

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