Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Isn't Part of the Christmas Celebration for Remembering?

It is.  Definitely.

I've shared a lot of these images before,
but I wanted to do it again,
with a different look.

And there are some others I've added

A Christmas Wish,
to watch my past Christmases on a big screen.
To see Mother moving about her kitchen,
to walk into those adorable small shops with her
that used to be so much a part of downtown Evergreen.

To hear Daddy going into the living room 
to turn on the Christmas lights for us before we went in to see what Santa had brought.
Or, to hear him say, "Okay we can get up now - the house is warm enough".
I think he was really just stalling to let Mother get some more sleep.

And then more of those Christmases 
on Birchwood Drive 
when the girls were all under 10, at least.

Ten and Under - that's when children haven't even thought about leaving the nest,
don't even know they really will.

Gingerbread Village - Christmas 1992
 Ann and Laura Beth - Christmas 1985
All four girls playing on the bed - with Christmas excitement.
Kate with her first tricycle 
Easy Bake Oven Goodies
Sarah singing in a Calvary Christmas Program

Matching Dresses - please - there should have been an intervention
and someone should have told me not to do it.

That dress of mine is still hanging in the back of my closet.

Four more days - until Christmas!

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LB said...

I love these posts, and I might have to steal some of the pictures for my blog.