Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23 and What Are You Doing?

Apparently most people are too busy to blog - so I assume too busy to read blogs.

I have to take small breaks.

I am no longer a Christmas Marathoner.  I'm not even a sprinter.  I do a little here - a little there - and take a break.  I used to go nonstop - back hurting - it's gotta get done no matter what.  I now know it doesn't have to get done no matter what - Well - some of it - like the laundry - the house staying reasonably picked up because it's just not very festive, to me, if there's more clutter than decorations - or if you can't see the decorations for all the clutter.  But I don't obsess.  I don't think I do.

What about you?  Are you breathing?  Enjoying the moment?  Is it maybe not your best Christmas?  Maybe your worst?  Maybe your best so far.

Things I've especially enjoyed already -

1. Seeing that movie with Sarah and Kate and Charlie - "How Do You Know" with Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson
2. Spending the day with Sarah and Kate in Huntsville yesterday and the other day, last week when Kate went with me to Huntsville
3.  The times Ellie and Luke and Andrew have been here and having them add so much to the season just being my grandchildren.
4.  Anticipating when Ada and John get here on Christmas Day - having that to look forward to and knowing the way Ada will hug me - eventually - after she gets passsed the shy stage that she has been doing, lately.
5.  Being surprised last week when Yonea Chunn and her 4 girls came to my back door - and already expecting Beth and her girls and her grandchildren.
6.  Drinking out of my Christmas mugs.  My Vicki Carroll Christmas mugs.
7.  Having lunch with my friend, Mary Bratton - and having her and Mike and Ben over right after Thanksgiving for Shrimp - and kicking off the holidays with their company.
8. Traveling to Evergreen (I almost forgot) the first weekend in December and having a Christmas Party with friends and family there - and watching the SEC Championship game with them, also - and Auburn winning and looking forward to their playing in the National Championship Game.
9.  Having lunch twice with my friend, Sue Paulk, twice during this season - and she invited me and how nice it was for her to do that - joined by her friend and my new acquaintance, Jenny.
10.  Eating dinner at Ann's last night and so glad we were there especially when she found out that Steve couldn't get home for dinner - responsibilities at work - and our being able to help her with end of the day "stuff" - Ann makes the BEST lasagna.  and Charlie makes the BEST salad.  and being there with her when Andrew tumbled down the stairs.  Awful sound and moment.  He was okay - but so scary.
11.  Each Sunday when I get to church and how nice to have that fellowship and the people there - that connection.  Our Church Christmas dinner and having my friend, Jean, go with me and our sitting with Mary at the table and how pretty it all was.  and the Christmas Program by the children last Sunday - and all that Steve teaches out of Galatians.
12.  Reading in Kate's blog of her trip to New York and how much she was loving it.
13.  Finally knowing that Sarah was getting relief from the pain and sickness of her Kidney Stones and knowing that Charlie arrived in New Orleans safely to get her and when I heard they had made it to Evergreen and when they came in the back door on Sunday.
14.  All the small moments when I've had quiet time to myself, drinking in good health and the life I have, and the safety of it and the love within it.

So - Mary Ann is on her way today - tonight we're eating at Cantina Laredo in Huntsville.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and our Candlelight Service.  Afterwards, soup at my house and the excitement of Ellie and Luke as they open "just one gift".

and on Christmas Day - the Moores arrive with Ada and John - 
and our dinner that evening with the whole family here.

It will be fun chaos, and fun tired bones and eyes, and funny things said and done, and, I hope, yummy food - if I don't mess up the Prime Rib Roast I'll be cooking.

Oh - and I forgot 

15.  I've loved every Christmas Card I've found in the mailbox and every package that arrived on time and the fun of opening what I've ordered.

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