Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trudging Through the Aftermath

I was rather, ummmm, not willing to automatically return to life as usual the day after Christmas.  So much energy put into that celebration - it's a struggle to let it go - especially since we were all trying to really really not make it about the red and green and santa and gifts - and food - yet they continue to be His gifts to us.  Everything is His gift to us.  Even the ordinary.  It's a rest.  It's safety.  A place to go home to.

We're always looking for home.

If we don't find it in the ordinary, we look for it in the celebration, the extraordinary.  Always looking for that eternal place.

What was real on December 26?  People, multiple folks in my home or close by and we all were looking for something away from TV and Food and Laptops and Children who wanted entertainment.  We got that day done - and then there was December 27.   What now?  Snow on the ground still and cold outside.  There's always the mall.  We didn't buy a thing.  But we did go and got home and it's today.

Sarah has returned to New Orleans.

Laura Beth and her crew have left for Crossville.

Kate is preparing to leave tomorrow.

Mary Ann went back to Evergreen.

I am trying to put away Christmas, and find my daily momentum which I had before.

We are looking at Winter 2011.  What momentum can be found in those very cold days of mostly rain, not so much snow, maybe ice, hopefully health - warm fires with real wood smoke - at our house - no new babies until summer - What surprises will we find in 2011?

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