Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbyes and Pictures

Of course it was hard seeing Sarah go back to New Orleans and Kate go back to Winston Salem, by way of the Birmingham Airport.

Well - maybe that picture is somewhat dated,
but they're still my little girls.

I'm grateful that God is directing their steps and placing them in places that fit them -
but still - I miss them.
and I'm grateful that for a season Ann and her family are close by.  I hope it's a long season.

This crew, below, will be back this afternoon for a few more days.
They won't be quite as dressed as this nor so posed. 
They recently had their family portrait done - right after Thanksgiving.
I liked this one although Ada has her tongue curled.
 There was a whole stack of pictures.

They'll return to McDonough and no more coffee and hugs with Ada early in the morning.
I need John here on a regular basis to get some solid bonding in with him.
Just when I've won him over, he has to leave.

So many goodbyes.

and a huge hello to 2011.

2010, tomorrow is your last day.

But while I'm posting photos of family
look at this one.

and these

Here is the real story of that photo shoot.
Ann, the photographer, Ellie and Luke, the subjects, not really wanting to be serious.
There were more besides these two below not suitable for the Barber Christmas Card.


and then, two more,
of Ada and John,

Okay, I'm done.

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