Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow! Whew! What Happened?!

Okay, let's see.

Okay - I'm back.  I'm here.

You would't believe it.

I got this cadillac of a computer in the spring - Easter week - I think.    It's supposed to be a miracle computer - laptop.  Isn't it?  I thought.  I've heard.

But I woke on Thursday morning, October 7, casually turning on my laptop - in my sleepy state - just turning it on - and it wouldn't turn on.  It wouldn't!  I touched every key which had nothing to do with turning on a computer.  But the turnon key didn't work, so I hit combos of keys and tried everything.  Nothing.

I knew that Ellie, Luke, and Andrew were due to be at my house in the afternoon - because Ann and Steve would be celebrating their 8th anniversary - ahhhhhh - but my baby  my computer was sick - as in not working!!!!!   I had to get to the Apple Store at Bridgestreet, and back again, before the grandbabes arrived.  I did it.  They kept it.  No explanation.  No apologies that the computer of all computers just decided to quit.  No embarrassing awkward looks - just total confidence on their part about repairing the situation.  Deep breath.  I walked to my car.

We had Ellie and Luke and Andrew on Thursday afternoon and evening -

That was just a visual slice of our afternoon activities when Charlie arrived home.  I had blocked the driveway with my car so that noone could turn into the drive - and I let the children play on their vehicles in our driveway.  When Charlie arrived and brought out a chair - other chairs came out and it turned into a photo op which turned into kids harrassing each other.  We went inside soon after this for dinner and baths and bed.

Friday was Friday.

Saturday went to H'ville with Ann and children.  At the end of that day I dropped my already feeble cell phone.  That dropping it finished it off.  I could receive calls and speak, but couldn't hear the person talking.

Today - on Charlie's "Columbus Day" holiday, we went to  Huntsville to retrieve my repaired computer and get a new cell phone for me.  I can communicate with the outside world again!

That's all.

This week - we travel to Winston-Salem to visit Kate.

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