Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Celebrated

by a church family.  
Games, Food, Laughter, Conversation, Crafts, Pumpkin Contests, Wagon Rides, Old and Young and In Between.  (main contest - Hobo Dog Wheelbarrow Race - you'll see the pictures)

and the sun went down which signaled, "end of party".  We picked up in the dark, our lawn chairs, blankets, empty platters, and drove home with smiles and yawns.


LB said...

HOW FUN!!! Next year. Next year we'll be there. As for the blog post below--yes, I do love a college campus and wish that I could be a college student (or professor) forever and ever. Not really, though, because like we said yesterday, what I really want most is this little family of mine.

Rose said...

great looking event. the children were so sweet. i enjoyed the different pumpkin faces. rose

atfarrar said...

Elizabeth, I have loved reading your blog! Shannon told me about it and it has been wonderful seeing your daughters all grown up with kids of their own! It looks like you all just have a wonderful time with those grands! Take care, April Farrar