Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall 2010 and Auburn Football 2010

I finally moved fall into my house.  

I also am as much of a football fan as I am ever going to be, which isn't much,
but it's a lot more than anyone who ever knew me would have expected.

I was glued to the TV this afternoon,
pulling for Auburn.

Naturally it's more fun to win than lose.
So - today was fun.

Our grandchildren saw their grandparents and parents and close adult friend
go absolutely nuts.  Mostly Charlie, Near, and Mommy - since we're the Auburn fans.  Although Curtis, (close adult friend), was pulling pretty hard for Auburn.  He played football at Arkansas with Auburn's offensive coach, Gus Malzahn.  That was during the Bo Jackson days.  And Steve, although a Georgia fan, was enjoying the game, too.  Everyone is enjoying watching Cam Newton play.  Amazing.

 I screamed so loud at one point that I woke Andrew from his nap.


Charlie was glad because I've scolded him so many times for doing that.  I had to eat some crow.

Prior to the game, we had a visit with Kate today.
She traveled with friends, yesterday, to Chattanooga.
So - she borrowed a car and drove down for a 3 1/2 hour visit.
She left to get back so she could watch the game with them in C'nooga.
On Monday, from Chattanooga, they go to Atlanta for more Intern Training.

It was so nice to have her back in the house again.

She was bombarded with hugs from Ellie, Luke, and eventually Andrew.
Andrew took a few seconds to get oriented - I think he'd forgotten for a little bit who Kate was.
It soon came back to him.

War Eagle and Happy Fall!

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atfarrar said...

Elizabeth, Ellie looks so much like you; she is so tall and graceful and Luke is a little Charlie! All of your grands are just precious; I know they must have such a good time together!

Loved your fall mantle. Autumn is such a wonderful time!