Friday, October 15, 2010

Mt. Pilot, Mayberry, Raleigh - Mt. Airy

Remember when Barney would say, or Andy would say, "I'm running over to Mt. Pilot..."  or when they ask each other, "You wanna take the girls over to Mt. Pilot tonight?"  And it was a really big trip to travel to Raleigh.  I mean a BIG trip.


Today, Charlie and Kate and I were headed up I-74 to get on I-77 to get on The Blue Ridge Parkway.  On the way Kate pointed out Pilot Mountain where she has been with friends to hike.  It's an unusual looking pinnacle.  There is actually the town of Pinnacle.  I thought the exit was to show us how to get to the pinnacle of that mountain.  Kate laughed.

Further up the interstate - we realized we were coming into Mayberry country.  There were signs about the Andy Griffith Parkway and Museum.  We discussed that we were near the town from which Mayberry and The Andy Griffith Show was patterned after.  Charlie knew that the town was Mt. Airy.  Sure enough - although we needed to forge ahead to the Blue Ridge Parkway - we did a spontaneous right turn off the Interstate and visited the town of Mayberry - I mean, Mt. Airy.  I loved it.

Pictures follow.

Inside Opie's Candy Store.
A working icebox for "sodas"/"cold bottled drinks".
We bought a diet Cheerwine.
It's a very very very sweet cherry soda.

Lots and lots of candy.
We bought some and ate it.

Floyd's Barber Shop.
Really a barber shop.

A street shot of Mt. Airy/Mayberry

and the police car,
parked right downtown.

We didn't know about this, except the line was insanely long to get in.
We weren't planning to eat here, and didn't,
but what's the deal about the Snappy Lunch Restaurant.
Amazing how long the line was to get in.

At the Andy Griffith Museum,
a statue of Andy and Opie

More Candy Store.

Movie Theater in the heart of the town.

In front of the Candy Store.
(obviously took more pictures than we needed of the candy store - it was just so colorful!)

I have pictures of our Blue Ridge Parkway drive


of Wake Forest Campus

but we're about to go eat.


Mary Ann said...

Oh my gosh, Elizabeth, these pictures are great. Can't believe y'all went to Mt. Airy/Mayberry.

Mary Ann

Rose said...

this looks like a neat place to visit. the photos were good. thanks rose