Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Like Candy Corn.

Okay - I'm sad.  I just ran across this link and after reading a post which bashed the traditional Halloween candy, "candy corn", I had the opportunity to vote.  I voted.  I voted in favor of candy corn.  I lost.  We're down.  Candy Corn people are down.  I don't care, but am a little embarrassed to be on the losing side.  I've always liked Candy Corn and still do.  I know it has a waxy texture - and I've wondered about it - like - is that clogging my arteries?  Probably not helping.  It's wax, for pete's sake!  It has to be clogging my arteries.  but still - I like it.

Guess what else?  Mix a proportionate amount of peanuts with candy corn - and you've got a PayDay candy bar!

In the poll I only had two options - to either say it is the nastiest candy ever or to say it's the best ever.  Well, naturally, I don't think it's the best ever!  What would I call the best?  ummmm - Snickers?  Almond Joys?  hmmmmm - Caramels?  Mr. Goodbars?  Even M&M's are good.  Especially the seasonally colored ones.  Oh the delight of seeing a bowl of candy which is seasonally packaged.  But there is no delight in paying for it.  It's too expensive.

That's another good thing about Candy Corn - it's cheap.  Large bag I bought was $1.88.

I'll tell you this - I bought two bags last week only for decoration - I knew that Ellie and Luke don't like it. I didn't think Charlie did.  He doesn't.  I didn't think Andrew knew about it.  I have a clear glass pumpkin candy jar - got it from my secret sister years ago - in Baptist Young Women.  Remember that?  I was in that.  A grownup version of GA's.  I was never in GA's because I was raised Methodist - Didn't know about all that women's stuff in the Baptist Church until...well.... I'm sidetracked.

Okay, so I bought the Candy Corn for decoration - it would be in the jar and have that Halloween Seasonal look.  Noone would eat it.  I didn't think I would.  I'm 59.  I've outgrown it.  Wrong.  I started with 6 at a time.  I grabbed 6.  Came back for 6 more.  (I count food - I eat in numerical proportions - like chips - I eat 10 at first - then go back for 10 more - it's a weird little thing I do - it's from way way way back when I was an obsessive dieter - I have some leftover stuff)  Then I remembered that we had peanuts in the pantry - in little tiny bags - Charlie had had to sell them for Kiwanis - only rather than sell them - we hate doing that - he bought 2 big boxes of peanuts - and they are in our pantry.  So - I've been mixing the candy corn with the peanuts and I have a Pay Day candy bar.

Also - Andrew loves it!  I don't know how he knows about it - He says over and over, "Corn! Corn!"  and I have to get him a little cup of them.  He likes the candy corn over Smarties!  That says a lot - so my candy corn decoration has diminished a bit and I had to buy a new bag today....while I was in Wal Mart with Ann and her 3.  Andrew cried tears because I wouldn't go ahead and open the bag.  He cried into my face while I comforted him and he had cheese cracker breath - because Ann had been feeding him out of the box of cheese crackers she'd bought.   I couldn't reseal the cheap $1.88 bag of Candy Corn - so I had to tell him no.

anyway - after all of that I ran across this blog post  I was saddened and finally had something to write about - not very interesting - but still - am I the only one left besides a few others who like Candy Corn.  Try it with peanuts.  I think you'll like it.  Still - it's a good visual image for Halloween - Isn't it?

I'm going to post this so you can be reading it - and then I'm going to take some pictures of my Candy Corn and the Carved Pumpkins I finally bought - I love them.  And then I'll add those photos to this post.

and while I'm adding Halloween images

Here are two more

from the Barbers - you've seen these on Ann's Blog.
she and her 3 little jack o'lanterns made these.
actually, I don't think Andrew did - but he was probably somewhere in the vicinity adding to the chaos.

and I found this 1939 Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Picture and Poem,
I found it on this blog post which I enjoy:
they reminisce the way I do.

Jack o'Lantern Fever

There are brownies in the dining room,
I discovered them myself -
Three round roguish little pixies
and a grinning pumpkin elf,
with their heads so close together
and their faces all alight,
I am sure they're plotting mischief
to surprise us some dark night.

Hear their voices low and whispered,
see the twinkle in their eyes,
Do they think they can confuse us
by their Halloween disguise?
Let us tiptoe in - unnoticed,
not disturbing any one,
And perhaps they'll let us join them,
in their gay October fun.
- Marguerite Gode

and that was 1939

Doesn't our culture evolve?  Hasn't our culture evolved?
I've evolved.  I am 59.  But - I still enjoy Candy Corn.


rhodes1 said...

I like candy corn.

LB said...

I do not like candy corn, but I do like the idea of using it to decorate, though I am a little late since Halloween is in two days. I have been buying fresh apples each week, and using those in all my glass bowls, etc. as my fall decorations. Apples and candy corn decorations are easy on the bank account;) Next year, I am all over the candy corn decoration.

atfarrar said...

Well, count me in! I love candy corn, but oh, sweet chocolate, now that's the BEST!! Hope yall have a wonderful weekend. Loving this cooler weather:)