Friday, October 1, 2010

McDonough So Far

and we did go into the "city" today.
I like saying that and the way it sounds...
we "drove into the city".

It's never simple, getting everyone into the car - just getting them and the "stuff" out the door.  Here Ada sat down in the threshold of the front door to read - while we made several trips in and out to load up.

Then she took a few turns on her tricycle - well - not exactly - she can't turn the pedals over and over yet,
but she does a little pushing with her feet.  She'll get the hang of it.

Laura Beth and I took turns with John on our hip and using the other hand to "load up".

Ahhh, gotta get the hair pulled back and into a ponytail.

Our destination was Trader Joe's.  Fun place to shop for groceries - healthy/organic/not as pricey as Whole Foods - and on the way we ate at Chic Fil A.

John did really good, let us eat while he hung out in the umbrella stroller.  We were amazed that he stayed so content for so long.

So we did all of that and came back home.
Both John and Ada fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Here, we are playing Barbie Games on the computer.

And I think that here, we are Skyping with Kate in Winston-Salem, NC

while John watches from the floor.

That was our day.

By the hardest both John and Ada are in bed.  Well, John wasn't a difficult "go to bed".
But it seems to be Ada's latest challenge as of last night.
It was pretty wild last night and she made an effort at fighting it tonight -
 but it seems like she's finally conceded.

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Rose said...

the photos are very cute. Ada has beautiful long hair. john is precious. thanks rose